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[[Colonel Lionel Barker is welcoming himself to the U.G.A., and describing to the assembled agents a new threat that the agency is about to encounter.]]
Colonel: Unfortunately, my arrival comes at an inopportune time. A new threat is upon us, and the added scrutiny from the administration will be both a blessing and a curse.

Colonel: If we succeed against this new threat, Congress' fears will be allayed and our existence justified. If we fail... Well, I promise to write each of you a glowing reference for whatever jobs you apply for... IF there are any.

[[Justin (Agent #6), Maddie (Agent #12), and Agent #7560 are still at the back of the room. Justin is still scowling furiously, while Maddie has adopted more dubious expression.]]
Colonel: [off-panel] On to the matter at hand. I have received alarming yet credible reports of a covert infiltration of key American infrastructure, from business leaders and industry titans to government officials and military brass.

[[View shifts to Pi and Plank, still observing from their position within the ventilation shafts.]]
Colonel: [off-panel] This "enemy" is completely unknown and insidious in covering its tracks. It is undeniable, however, that key individuals have come under its influence.
Plank: [whispering] You don't think...?
Pi: [sharply whispering, putting his hand over Plank's mouth] SHH!

References: Could this be evidence of "infiltration of key... business leaders and industry titans"?
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