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[[Colonel Lionel Barker seems to be winding down his presentation on the "new threat" facing the U.G.A. as well as his "test" to find compromised agents. One agent has a question.]]
Female Agent: How can you prove this test will be fair and unbiased, sir?
Colonel: Each screening must be observed by at least three agents, one of which should already be screened and another should not.

Colonel: I dare say the test may not make a whole lot of sense, at least until you see a positive result. But I assure you, I've SEEN what happens when a infiltrator has been found, and it isn't... pretty, or deniable.

Colonel: Please realize that those compromised are likely unwilling participants, coerced or otherwise forced to betray their allegiances. Those found to be compromised will be treated as innocents until proven otherwise.

Colonel: [intensely] We will approach this professionally and with efficiency, as I would always expect from you. I have no doubt that we as a unit will rise to this challenge and overcome it, for our own sake and for the entire world.

References: A clearly unrelated and deliberately misleading reference to another "screening" that was neither "pretty, or deniable".
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