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[[Colonel Lionel Barker is winding down his briefing to the U.G.A. agents, after telling them of the "new threat" and how they'll be screening all the agents.]]
Colonel: I've asked #18 to coordinate the screening schedule. Please report promptly as soon as you are called. Until then, carry out any non-conflicting prior orders. You are dismissed.

[[As the rest of the agents leave, Justin (Agent #6) and Maddie (Agent #12) stand but remain at their chairs. Justin's scowl is still in place as he stands with his fists clenched at his sides. Maddie turns to him.]]
Maddie: [whispering] Are you...?
Justin: [also whispering] Just peachy.

[[Maddie slips her arm around Justin's waist, and the two remain standing. Justin's glare does not escape the Colonel, who is approached by Agent #18.]]
Agent #18: [quietly, to the Colonel] I believe one of the agents would like a private word with you, sir.
Colonel: Yes, I expected as much.

Colonel: #18, get the test schedule moving. [[#18 turns to leave, and Colonel Barker turns to Justin and Maddie.]] As for the two of you... I believe we have a lot to talk about.

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