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[[As Agent #18 leaves to start the screening tests, Colonel Lionel Barker confronts a scowling Justin (Agent #6) and a skeptical Maddie O'Hara (Agent #12).]]
Colonel: Hello, Justin. I must admit, you weren't the son I expected to find.
Maddie: Jason "retired" and they swapped places.

Colonel: And Miss O'Hara. I KNEW you showed promise. You've risen through the ranks quickly. You're... #12 now, yes?
Justin: [interrupting] What the $*#& are you doing here.

Colonel: Such language, my boy. I think I've already made the reason for my presence clear enough. Or were you not paying attention...?
Justin: What have you done with "Amadeus?"

[[The Colonel turns his back to Justin and Maddie, but doesn't leave.]]
Colonel: I haven't "done" anything with him. If I recall correctly, he's about to start filming another superhero movie. Hardly conducive to rooting out a global threat to freedom, if you ask me.

References: Already referenced before, but here's the "James Baud" swap again; "Amadeus'" "superhero movie"
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