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[[Colonel Lionel Barker is speaking with Justin (Agent #6) and Maddie (Agent #12). He's facing away from them, and speaks over his shoulder to Justin.]]
Colonel: Still, it is... good to see you again, Justin. I'm relieved to see you've taken your rightful place here, where you belong.
Justin: As opposed to my brother, your "greatest mistake"?

Colonel: [As he turns to face Justin again] My greatest mistake was marrying your mother. YOU were my only saving grace from that fiasco. Your BROTHER is... my greatest disappointment. I find it odd that you defend him.

Justin: [Scowl firmly in place] We've come to terms with our past. We've both made mistakes, but I now have what I want and he has what he wants. What NEITHER of us want is YOU back in our lives.

Colonel: I see he has poisoned your memories of me. But there is one bright spot to this revelation: You are still in contact with him. [[He smirks.]] That information my prove most... useful.

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