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[[Justin (Agent #6) and Maddie (Agent #12) continue their conversation with Colonel Lionel Barker.]]
Maddie: What is this new "threat," sir? Our intel hasn't picked up anything of note.
Colonel: It would be best not to discuss it openly until we've all been proven clear, Miss O'Hara.

Colonel: While I don't believe either of you have been compromised, I suspect someone within the U.G.A. HAS. This new enemy is insidious and pervasive. We would prove to be a tempting target.

Maddie: What about agents already in the field?
Colonel: They are to be treated as suspect until they can be tested. Similarly, any agent to leave and return will need to be re-screened.

Justin: [Angry and suspicious] And just how do YOU know about all this?
Colonel: [Turning away again] All in due time, my son... AFTER you've been screened, I promise.

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