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[[Colonel Lionel Barker has once again turned his back on Justin (Agent #6) and Maddie (Agent #12), but the conversation continues.]]
Colonel: I know this is sudden and you are brimming with questions, but for now please be patient. I promise the answers are forthcoming.
Justin: Once we've been cleared.

Colonel: Yes. And while I know you have ways of contacting your brother, even through the comm blackout, let's leave Jason out of the loop... for now. He WILL be involved eventually, just not yet.

[[The scowl returns to Justin's face, even though Colonel Barker can't see it.]]
Colonel: It's good to see you again, my boy. I only wish it were under more pleasant circumstances.

[[The Colonel leaves Justin and Maddie alone.]]
Maddie: [Dryly] Something tells me we have bigger things to worry about than Inertia and #18...
[[Unknown to Justin and Maddie, we see that they're not actually alone after all. Pi and Plank have been listening and watching from their position in the air duct through the entire conversation.]]

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