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[[Pi and Planck are quietly reviewing the conversation they just witnessed from their position in the air duct. The entire conversation is in whispers. Justin and Maddie (Agent #12) are still visible through the duct grating.]]
Planck: This is bad. This is very, very bad...
Pi: Hold on. This may not be what we think.

[[The two turn away from the grill where they've been watching and start back through the air ducts.]]
Pi: This COULD be a terrestrial threat, something within their own species. That said, we need to approach this as if our fears are realized. We need to risk contacting the Skaboola.

Planck: That will be tricky. With the agents on high alert, they might pick up our transmission...
Pi: That's why it's a risk. But the fleet needs to be notified.

Pi: Whether the humans want it or not, Earth just might be the next battleground in this war...

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