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[[Employees are arriving at GPF. In each panel one employee is stepping into the office door just as the elevator delivers the next employee to the floor. Nega-Nick (masquerading as "our" Nick) is entering the office just as Trudy arrives in the elevator. He's scowling, and conversing in his mind with the alien that controls him.]]
Nega-Nick: Another fruitless night. Still no progress on Velociraptor, and with Oshiro gone, still no revenge...
Alien: You took revenge upon yourself quite effectively, I thought...

[[Trudy exits the elevator and walks to GPF's office door.]]
Trudy: [thinking] I KNOW I dreamed of Lakatos last night! If only I could remember SOME of it, it would be better than the NOTHING I have now!
[[Patty exits the elevator.]]

[[Patty arrives at the office door just as Trish's elevator arrives. Trish smiles happily and waves at Patty.]]
Trish: P-P-Patty! Wait up!
[[Patty cringes, scowling, and hurriedly enters the office.]]

Trish: I w-was hoping w-we could t-talk ab-bout...
[[Patty lets the door slam in Trish's face.]]
Trish: Oh. M-must have s-slipped, I guess...

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