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[[Trish has just arrived at GPF, and is met by Dwayne in the hall.]]
Dwayne: Trish, I need to see you in my office ASAP.
Trish: Y-yes s-sir.

[[As Trish heads for Dwayne's office she meets Patty, who pushes past her heading for the same place.]]
Trish: Oh, h-hello again.
Patty: Blast it, Marshall. Are you stalking me just to keep running into me?

Trish: I'm s-sorry. It's j-just Mr. D-Duncan asked m-me to--
Patty: [interrupting, glaring at Trish] Wait your turn. He asked to talk to me first.
Dwayne: [off-panel] Actually, ladies...

[[They turn to see Dwayne looking coldly at both of them.]]
Dwayne: I need to see you BOTH, assuming a cease-fire can be arranged. We just got new carpet and I don't wish to see it napalmed.

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