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[[Patty and Trish are leaving the meeting they just had with Dwayne, Trudy, and Nega-Nick; the meeting where they were told they were going to be working together. While Trish is trying to put her best face on it, Patty didn't take the news well.]]
Trish: [brightly] L-look at it th-this w-way, P-Patty. Th-the m-more we w-work t-together, th-the easier th-this will b-become.
Patty: [scowling] Looking forward to it...

[[Back in Dwayne's office, he's still talking to Trudy and Nega-Nick (masquerading as "our" Nick) as he watches Trish and Patty walk away down the hall.]]
Dwayne: Never mind those two. They'll figure things out on their own. But do touch base with Mr. Jones. He said he had something important to share with us.

[[Dwayne walks away, leaving Trudy and Nega-Nick alone. Both of them are thinking similar thoughts.]]
Trudy: [sadly, thinking to herself] Great... Time alone with Nick and without Ki as a buffer. After Lakatos, I'm beginning to doubt I can trust myself around him...
Nega-Nick: [slyly, thinking to himself] Great! Time alone with Trudy and without Ki as a buffer. If I can't plot vengeance against one...
Nega-Nick's alien: We need to discuss your definition of "vengeance"...

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