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[[Following their meeting with Dwayne, Trish follows a scowling Patty down the hallway. She's consulting notes and thinking out loud.]]
Trish: S-so we b-built them an Emplsoft p-portal first, then b-branched into inventory a-and f-f-fulfillment. It l-looks like this t-time they w-want a CRM s-solution...?

Trish: W-we b-built a CRM m-module for R-Ron's Pharmacy a few y-years ago, right? Th-that m-might be a g-good s-starting p-point. L-lets c-compare th-that to...

[[Trish suddenly notes that Patty has disappeared.]]
Trish: P-Patty?

Trish: [looking down at her notes] J-just w-when I th-thought I was m-making headway...
Fooker: [Through the open door of his office nearby] Actually, she just ducked behind that filing cabinet...
Patty: [off-panel] JUDAS!

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