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[[Trish is trying to work with Patty, but Patty wants nothing to do with her. Patty has just tried to hide from Trish (but her attempt was foiled by Fooker).]]
Trish: Th-that's not f-fair. Y-you w-won't l-let m-me exp-p-plain...
Patty: [aloof, interrupting] I don't need to hear your "explanation". I've heard enough lies for today.

Trish: [screaming forcefully] LET ME FINISH!
[[Patty's feet leave the ground as she's shocked by Trish's outburst. Her hair is frazzled, her eyes spinning.]]

[[Even Trish was surprised at herself. She freezes with her eyes wide, covering her mouth with both hands.]]
Trish: Oh my...

[[She looks up to see Patty, still completely frazzled and curled up in a tight ball on top of a nearby filing cabinet.]]
Trish: I-I'm s-sorry... Are y-you OK...?
Patty: [in a very small voice] ok, I'm listening now...

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