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[[Trudy and Nega-Nick (masquerading as "our" Nick) are leaving Goodman Rubber, heading for their car. Trudy seems distracted, talking about the news that Mr. Jones will be retiring from Goodman Rubber at the end of the month.]]
Trudy: Jones is retiring, and he gave no hint of his replacement. This could be bad...
Nega-Nick: Hm?

Trudy: We've had a long relationship with him. He's always been preferential to us. With a new manager there, we'll need to start from scratch.
Nega-Nick: Ah.

[[They both enter the car and fasten seat belts.]]
Trudy: I wonder who'll replace him... Ms. Hart or Mr. Vogel could get promoted, but they could easily hire someone new from the outside...

[[As Trudy continues talking Nega-Nick's alien comments to him.]]
Alien: While I'm sure all this client theorizing is amusing, even I am growing tired of how much this female speaks...
Nega-Nick: [thinking] You should have heard her back in OUR universe...

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