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[[Trudy and Nega-Nick (masquerading as "our" Nick) are in their car after leaving Goodman Rubber. Nega-Nick has been preoccupied, mentally conversing with his alien while Trudy drives. They've arrived at the restaurant, but Nega-Nick hasn't noticed yet.]]
Trudy: [smiling] I SAID, someone must be lost in thought. We're at the restaurant.
Nega-Nick: Oh! Sorry. Yeah, thinking about something important.

[[They leave the car and walk toward the restaurant.]]
Trudy: Something tells me you weren't thinking about Mr. Jones...
Nega-Nick: No, sorry again. Didn't hear a bit of what you said. My mind was already at Lakatos.

[[They enter "K&W Cafeteria". Trudy rolls her eyes.]]
Trudy: I guess I can't blame you. It's all I can think about lately. I've even had nightmares, although I can't remember much when I wake up.

Trudy: Why do I have the feeling that once we DO remember what happened there, we're going to instantly regret it...?
Nega-Nick: [shrugging] Logical narrative consequence.

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