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[[Trudy and Nega-Nick (masquerading as "our" Nick) are eating lunch at K&W Cafeteria. They're sitting across the table from each other, discussing their memories (or lack thereof) from their experience at Lakatos.]]
Trudy: No, he had something in some sort of jar, but I couldn't see what is was. Can you pass the pepper?

Nega-Nick: [handing Trudy the pepper shaker] Here you go.
Trudy: Thanks.

[[As Trudy takes the pepper shaker from Nega-Nick their hands touch, and a flood of mental images overwhelm them both. The images include a leering Emperor Nicholas, Trudy and Nick kissing, the Smiling Man and Anna from Lakatos, Todd, two of the "Greys", Trudy's skeletal nightmare future self from "Strange Bedfellows", the Gamester, and the unnamed alien invaders from the "Negaverse" attacking Nega-Nick's palace.]]

[[Trudy drops the pepper shaker, which spills it contents all over the table. As their hands pull away from each other the two sit frozen in shock.]]
Trudy: What... just happened?

References: "Some sort of jar"; Can you find all the referenced strips in the third panel? (We're not helping on this one, but Premium folks can check their answers in the Author's Notes!)
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