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[[Patty is climbing down from the top of a filing cabinet, where she was huddled in shock after Trish's outburst.]]
Trish: I-I'm s-so s-sorry! I-I d-didn't mean t-to s-startle you l-like th-that...
Patty: Will you PLEASE stop apologizing?

Trish: I-It's j-just you k-kept d-dismissing everything I t-tried t-to s-say, and y-you w-wouldn't l-let m-me explain...
Patty: Well, I'm listening NOW, OK? Please, just... get on with it.

Trish: I s-swear I n-never met you b-before I s-started w-working h-here. K-Ki even s-said y-you were th-there at the hospital w-when I r-ran into her. B-but I n-never s-saw y-you.

Patty: [skeptical, but listening] You're... sincere about that. You honestly don't remember any of those things, do you?
Trish: [with a small smile] W-well, I'd r-remember D-Dexter if I s-saw him, b-but I'm af-fraid I d-don't...

References: Where these two left off; "Good" Trish starts at GPF; "The hospital" (although these two never actually crossed paths)
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