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[[Patty and Trish are talking in the hallway in GPF. Patty is actually listening to what Trish has to say, and is slowly coming round to believing her.]]
Patty: So... You don't remember promising to be Ki's bridesmaid, then "vanishing" and leaving that job to me?
Trish: [shocked at the thought] W-what? No! N-never! I'd have b-been honored if Ki a-asked, but I w-wasn't--

Patty: [interrupting] OK, OK, I BELIEVE you now. It's just... I remember all those events vividly, and ever since I met YOU you've acted so... differently. You're like a totally different person, a mirror of your "other self".

Trish: [awkwardly as she probably recalls her "mirror" self who nearly killed her] Um, y-yeah. I-it f-feels like my l-life has b-been c-completely r-reset...
Patty: Still, you have to admit that three people with "amnesia" in the same office sounds pretty suspicious...

Patty: If you ask me, with those kinds of odds SOMEBODY has to be lying. Either that, [[both of them "break the fourth wall" and glare directly out of the panel]] or whoever wrote the "script" to this life is a horrible, unforgivable hack...

References: The bridesmaid fiasco: Patty turns down Ki, "Bad" Trish is called in, Trish literally vanishes, Patty reluctantly fills in; Keep in mind that although the main crew said "Bad" Trish "vanished", the "Brotherhood trio" did not witness this and likely assumed something less science fiction; "In a mirror darkly"; Trish's "amnesia" was Dexter's invention
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