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[[Trish and Patty are walking through the halls at GPF, discussing Trish's recent history. Patty is slowly coming around to believing her story, but is still somewhat skeptical.]]
Patty: So you really HAVE been in the hospital with some mysterious ailment...
Trish: Y-yes. K-Ki can c-confirm that.

Patty: [eyes narrowed] And you have no idea EXACTLY what this mystery ailment was.
Trish: I'm n-no d-doctor. I j-just know I n-nearly d-died and it w-was a s-struggle to s-survive.

Patty: Well, if I can take Ki's word for it, I'll believe it. Of course, she won't be back until the end of the month...
Trish: M-maybe you c-could ask her h-h-husband...

Patty: Ask one "amnesiac" to verify another's story? I'll forget that suggestion, thank you very much...

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