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[[Nega-Nick (masquerading as "our" Nick) and Trudy are starting to talk about what just happened to them when they inadvertently touched each other's hands.]]
Trudy: Nick? I said, are you all right?
Nega-Nick: [scowling a bit] S-sorry. Just a bit... overwhelmed.

Trudy: [holding her hands up in front of her] What just happened? Our fingers brushed, then I saw a flood of images... some were familiar, others were... bizarre...
Nega-Nick: Me too. I... can't explain it.

Alien: [in Nega-Nick's mind] We must avoid any further physical contact, at least until we can be certain we can control this. We must avoid accidental exposure, lest we reveal ourselves...

[[Nega-Nick ignores the alien and holds his hand out to Trudy with an intense look on his face.]]
Nega-Nick: Give me your hand. Let's see if it happens again...

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