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[[Trudy has snatched her hand back from Nega-Nick (who is masquerading as "our" Nick) and has broken the "link" between them.]]
Trudy: How... How did we do THAT?
Nega-Nick: I... don't know. But maybe this is an opportunity...

Nega-Nick: [intensely] Even if we don't know HOW it happened, maybe we can use this... "link" to search each other's memories. It will be a bit... intimate, but if we can find answers...

Trudy: [rising from the table] I... No. NO. I don't... I CAN'T... This is.. This is too much. I... I need a few minutes... alone...

[[As Trudy sadly walks away Nega-Nick's alien has something to say to him.]]
Alien: [in Nega-Nick's mind] Excellent. A fine piece of work, your majesty. You excel at diplomacy, tact, and curbing your impulses.
Nega-Nick: [thinking, with a scowl on his face] It's refreshing to know sarcasm is a universal constant.

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