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[[Trudy has returned to the table where Nega-Nick (masquerading as "our" Nick) has been waiting for her. She doesn't sit down.]]
Nega-Nick: Feeling better? You were gone quite a while...
Trudy: I... needed a few minutes alone.

Nega-Nick: [looking up at her apologetically] Look, I'm sorry. I just... saw an opportunity to recover our memories and--
Trudy: [interrupting] I understand that NOW. But that was too much, too fast.

Trudy: We don't know what just happened, or how. And yes, it might end up useful, but I need time to absorb all this, to accept it.

Trudy: Let's head back to the office, then I need some more time to think about it. You... understand why, yes?
Nega-Nick: [rising from the table, with a sly expression] Oh, yes. Of course...

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