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[[Trudy and Nega-Nick (masquerading as "our" Nick) have returned to GPF's offices after their trip to Goodman Rubber. They meet Patty and Trish in the hall.]]
Nega-Nick: We're back from Goodman. Where are you two off to?
Patty: We lost track of time, so we're only just now getting lunch.

Trudy: [smiling] And I thought WE had a late lunch. I suppose you two managed to settle your differences...?
Patty: [looking sideways at Trudy] Baby steps, Niemand. It's only been a few hours.

Trish: [smiling] S-still, an op-pen d-door, even if open j-just a c-crack, is b-better than a c-closed one.
Nega-Nick: Well, good for you. It sounds like you've made real progress.

Patty: [as Nega-Nick walks away] And can we assume you two accomplished everything you set out to do...?
Nega-Nick: [hiding a smirk] Oh, we had our own share of surprises.

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