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[[Patty and Trish are leaving GPF together for a late lunch.]]
Trish: I kn-know it's j-just a s-start, but I hope y-you and I c-can become colleagues, if not f-friends...
Patty: [dryly] Let's start with "not enemies" and work from there.

Trish: M-maybe we could do s-something outside of w-work. I enj-joy r-renaissance fairs. M-maybe we could--
Patty: [interrupting] Dress up as medieval tarts? Not my cup of absinthe.

Trish: [smiling suggestively] Y-you know, I'd b-bet DEXTER w-would love to s-see you in a c-corset and p-petticoat...
Patty: [glowering] For your information, Dex and I are NOT dating, DESPITE everyone's assumptions.

Trish: [smiling] I S-SEE. W-well, he's m-more than w-welcome to be M-MY knight in sh-shining armor if he w-wants to...
Patty: Let not test the "not enemies" bit just quite yet...

References: "Good" Trish's love of Renaissance fairs; Dexter and Patty have been "not dating" for quite a while...
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