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[[We see scenes of pairs of animals with a narration taking place about them. The first is a pair of wolves.]]
Narration: "Wolves are one of the few species in the animal kingdom which essentially mate for life, their packs consisting of a male, female, and their offspring..."

[[We see a pair of swans facing each other as the narration continues.]]
Narration: "Similarly, swans form monogamous pair bonds that last for many years, migrating and raising their young together..."

[[Next, a pair of eagles in their aerie.]]
Narration: "Bald eagles also typically mate for life, except in the event of their partner's death..."

[[Fooker and Sharon are sitting on a couch next to each other, Sharon is leaning against Fooker's shoulder. Fooker is typing on his smartphone while Sharon is watching her iPad with a sad and wistful expression.]]
Fooker: Hey... Whatcha watchin'...?
Sharon: [sadly] Oh, some nature documentary...

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