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[[Sharon and Fooker are sitting at their chairs in the GPF server room. They're facing away from each other, working on projects as they talk to each other. We can see Sharon's face, but not Fooker's.]]
Sharon: OK, I have the Ketzmier virtual box up. I'll start the base install.
Fooker: Don't forget that they want Nginx, not Apache. And install XCache as well.

Sharon: Are we moving them to MariaDB or are they sticking with MySQL?
Fooker: Actually, I think they're moving to MongoDB for most stuff. Ki would know for sure.

[[Sharon's face develops the same sad, wistful expression as she had in the previous strip.]]

Sharon: [looking at Fooker over her shoulder] Fooker, is our relationship... going anywhere...?
Fooker: Hold on... I have a core dump in progress...

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