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[[Sharon and Fooker continue their conversation in the GPF server room. Sharon has turned in her chair and is mostly facing Fooker, while he is facing away, desperately trying to avoid the subject Sharon is bringing up...]]
Sharon: I'm serious. It feels like we've stagnated, like we've just been going through the motions...
Fooker: [looking grim] Holy Hershel, it's starting to crash and burn...

Sharon: When I look at Nick and Ki and how they've grown, I feel like we're so... inert...
Fooker: [scowling at his screen] Daemons dropping like flies... She canna take anna more, Cap'in...

Sharon: Heck, even Dexter and Patty seem to be making more progress...
Fooker: [jumping from his chair] KERNEL PANIC! DUCK AND COVER!

[[Fooker proceeds to do exactly that, dragging Sharon to the floor and covering her with his body.]]
Sharon: [dryly] As cute as your "drama" is, you're NOT avoiding the conversations and you're NOT getting any.
Fooker: This may be our only chance to fondle while ROM burns...

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