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[[Sharon and Fooker are in GPF's server room, where Sharon has been trying to start a conversation with him about the status of their relationship. Fooker has attempted to distract her by dragging her to the floor, but she's not taking the bait.]]
Fooker: [helping Sharon sit back up] Aw, c'mon. I've distracted you with server room nookie before...
Sharon: ONCE, and that was on a weekend when no one else was here. You're not getting out of THIS talk.

Fooker: Which talk... is THIS talk?
Sharon: The one about us not going anywhere! We're not growing as a couple!

Sharon: [sadly] How many years have we been dating now? Yes, we've grown and changed over time, but how much have we grown LATELY? Sure, we talk, we share, we don't keep secrets...
[[Fooker's expression noticeably changes at the last comment, becoming somewhat sad.]]

Fooker: [interrupting] And don't forget the Brotherhood practically REQUIRES us to be "insatiable"...
Sharon: [sharply] You won't LET me forget... Not that that's a bad thing...

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