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[[Sharon and Fooker are in GPF's server room, where Sharon has mostly overcome Fooker's reluctance to talk about their relationship. They're still seated on the floor of the server room as they continue their conversation.]]
Sharon: My POINT is that after a rocky start, we've done a lot of things right. But what have we done lately? Have we continued to grow or have we stagnated?

Sharon: [sadly] I think we've grown too comfortable. We've found a groove and settled into it, but I'm afraid that's going to turn into a rut if we're not careful.

Sharon: I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm afraid we need to reevaluate where this is going. I know we love each other, but I think it may be time to take it to--

Fooker: [interrupting sharply] Stop right there. If you say "the next level", I'm seriously going to enter terminal brain death.
Sharon: [near tears] Is that over the cliche? Or the implication of what "the next level" might be...?

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