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[[Sharon and Fooker are continuing their conversation while seated on the floor of the GPF server room.]]
Fooker: I know Justin gave you the Cliff's Notes version...
Sharon: He gave me HIS version. You've never bothered with YOURS.

Fooker: [sadly] There's a reason for that. It's... not easy to talk about...
Sharon: [earnestly, putting a hand on Fooker's arm] It's OK. You have nothing to be embarrassed about.

Fooker: [angrily] Embarrassed? What should I be embarrassed about? What son wouldn't be PROUD of the illustrious, legendary Lionel Barker, war hero and patriot?
Sharon: S-sorry, I didn't mean--

Fooker: [interrupting, sadly] No, don't be. That was not sarcasm at its finest. On paper, Dad was a patriot. A soldier. A HERO. To our family, he was little more than a cold, stone wall...

References: Justin's "Cliff's Notes version" starts here
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