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[[Sharon and Fooker continue their conversation while sitting on the floor in the GPF server room. Sharon is listening intently as Fooker tells her about his dad, Colonel Lionel Barker.]]
Fooker: Dad was a baby boomer, so he was a product of that era: Cold war, "duck and cover", red scare, etc. He was a real flag-waver, ready to take his BB gun to any "commie scum" set to invade.

[[Fooker's narration continues, while we see scenes of of what he's describing. We see young Lionel Barker, West Point cadet looking across the parade ground.]]
Fooker: By the time he hit high school, he assumed he'd be bound for Vietnam. So he applied to West Point, determined to make the military his career. There was one detail he didn't count on..."

[[We see a group of three cadets, including Lionel, seated at a table in a restaurant. A young woman carrying a tray is looking over her shoulder at them.]]
Fooker: There was a little inn in Highland Falls with a tavern he would frequent, and the owner had a girl his age who often worked the kitchen. Before long, they fell in love, got married, yadda yadda.

[[We see a heavy cargo plane landing at a military airbase, and a line of military men standing ready to board. Lionel's silhouette is in the foreground.]]
Fooker: It's not like they got much time to celebrate. The minute he made second lieutenant, he got his orders. He was off to Cambodia to clean out the Viet Cong...

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