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[[Sharon and Fooker sit on the floor of GPF's server room, talking about Fooker's narration of his father's life.]]
Sharon: Vietnam was a difficult time for our country, the world, and for many of the soldiers who fought there. All told, I suppose your father could have turned out much worse.
Fooker: I know.

Fooker: [looking down, sadly] If I HAD to play devil's advocate, I think he saw the turmoil in the world around him and sought to right what wrongs he could. Only he wronged US by ignoring us in the process.

Sharon: Did... your mom oppose the war?
Fooker: I think EVERYONE did, but she was pro-dad. Nothing else mattered. All she cared about were her three boys.

Sharon: [holding Fooker] I know this is hard for you, but maybe it can help you better understand him, and the choices he made.
Fooker: [glaring into the distance] Oh, I understand him, alright. THAT'S part of the problem.

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