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[[Fooker continues his narration of his father's life, describing it to Sharon as the two of them sit on the floor of GPF's server room. We see four H-53 Sea Stallion helicopters flying in formation.]]
Fooker: Dad was part of some major crap. He was XO to Colonel Beckwith during the formation of Delta Force and contributed toward Operation Eagle Claw and the invasion of Grenada.

[[We see Lionel Barker, now much older and sporting a goatee, seated in front of a microphone at a table in the front of a government chamber.]]
Fooker: He was attached to the National Security Council for a while. Supposedly he opposed the whole Iran-Contra affair and tried to stop Oliver North from shredding documents. I know he testified at the hearings.

[[We see Jason and Justin seated and working intently on something as their father stands nearby. Their mother is visible through a doorway, seated on a bed.]]
Fooker: But the more he got involved in, the higher the stress rose both at work and at home. He'd drill Justin and me like greenhorn privates, and more than once I know he left Mom in tears.

[[We see a Jason making faces behind his father, his thumbs in his ears and his tongue sticking out.]]
Fooker: But the stricter he got, the more I lashed out. That's part of why I am what I am, I guess. A goof-ball rebel, trying to remain insane in a sane world. That, and anything to annoy the heck out of Dad.

References: Another Wikipedia link-a-rama: Delta Force, Operation Eagle Claw, U.S. invasion of Grenada, Iran-Contra Affair; if the last two panels look vaguely familiar, they should
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