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[[Fooker continues his narration of his father's life, describing it to Sharon as the two of them sit on the floor of GPF's server room.]]
Fooker: Dad made enemies after Iran-Contra, but he made allies, too. And his time with Delta Force put him in prime position when a new opportunity came...
Sharon: Let me guess... The U.G.A.

Fooker: Yep. Despite his involvement in some questionable operations, he shone like a bright pearl. So they gave him some general mandates and put him to work, promising to fast-track him to colonel if he succeeded.

Fooker: He wanted something like Delta Force, but much more covert, so under-the-RADAR that NOBODY would know about it. He named it the "Undisclosed Government Agency" as a joke, but the name stuck.

Sharon: [confused] A joke? After how you described him, that sounds out of character...
Fooker: Oh, he has a DEADLY sense of humor. It's just most people never hear him tell more than one.

References: Colonel Barker helps form the U.G.A.: Justin's version, the Colonel's comments
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