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[[Fooker continues his narration of his father's life, describing it to Sharon as the two of them sit on the floor of GPF's server room.]]
Fooker: You know the next bit: I'm shipped off to college, Justin goes to military school, l'il bro gets tapped as a U.G.A. prodigy...
Sharon: You get tested instead and your dad quits when they won't throw you out.

Fooker: [leaning back and smiling with his hands behind his head] I can still see the look on his face. I'd seen him furious before, but this topped 'em all. I took the job just to put the cherry on top of THAT sundae.

Sharon: [accusingly] You know, you hurt your brother with that too. He was bitter with you for years.
Fooker: I know, but you know it worked out in the end. Besides, he needed taken down a peg too.
Sharon: FOOKER!

Fooker: [still leaning back, but now with a serious expression] As much as I love my l'il bro, he was just as stuck-up and serious as Dad was. It wasn't until he woke up and saw how Dad treated Mom that he came to his senses.

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