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[[Fooker continues his narration of his father's life, describing it to Sharon as the two of them sit on the floor of GPF's server room. We see the Barker family outside. Jason (Fooker) is running from a barking dog, while Justin is sitting in some grass working intently on something next to his mother. Lionel Barker is visible as a silhouette in the background.]]
Fooker: We lived well enough on an officer's salary. Dad certainly contributed there. But Mom poured her heart and soul into our family. She gave everything for the three of us.

[[We see Jason and Justin being shielded by their mother as Lionel upends a file cabinet behind them in a fit of rage.]]
Fooker: While Dad would come and go, Mom was always there. Even when she was deathly ill, she would put Justin and me first. She also tried to buffer us from Dad's more... VOLATILE moments.

[[We see Jason and Justin running a race under their dad's stern eye, with their mother now only a silhouette in the background.]]
Fooker: But as time went on the rift became more obvious. Dad would actually spend more time with us--drilling and grilling, of course--than he would with her. When together in front of us they barely spoke.

[[We see both of the parents in silhouette, standing with their backs to each other. Lionel stands ramrod straight, while she is bent over as if crying, holding a handkerchief in one hand.]]
Fooker: Maybe some aspect of it was Dad's high-profile, highly secretive assignments. It isn't easy keeping secrets from the people you love, but it gets easier the more you have to do it.

References: If Fooker's "keeping secrets from the ones you love" comment has the ring of a voice of experience, it should.
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