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[[Following Fooker's narration in GPF's server room, Sharon has asked him to marry her. Judging from her response here he said yes, and she's giving him a huge happy hug.]]
Sharon: We're getting married! I can't wait to tell Ki!
Fooker: We're not going to do the whole church and reception thing, are we?

Sharon: [smiling, but earnest] I'd LOVE to... But I'm not going to force you. If you're making compromises, then so am I. But we HAVE to have our friends there, even if it's small.
Fooker: Well... OK.

Fooker: I mean, I'm OK with celebrating, but I don't want it to be a big deal. Maybe if we just invite... [[Sharon pulls her sweater over her head.]] Um... What are you...?

[[Sharon starts to push Fooker down onto his back, a sly smile on her face.]]
Sharon: Celebratory server room nookie.
Fooker: Well now. If I knew THAT was all it took...

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