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[[Patty follows Trish at GPF after reluctantly deciding to take Trish up on her invitation to the renaissance fair.]]
Patty: Do I HAVE to dress up in some ridiculous costume for this?
Trish: [happily] Absolutely! Th-that's part of the f-fun!

Patty: Ugh... I HATE dresses. The idea of corsets and bustles just makes matters worse.
Trish: [thinking] W-well, b-bustles don't f-fit the t-time period, and there are m-many d-different dresses that d-don't require a c-corset.

Patty: I think you missed the "I hate dresses" part.
Trish: You don't HAVE to w-wear a d-dress. You COULD b-be a young girl p-passing herself off as a young b-boy...

Trish: [self-consciously, smiling but with her hand in front of her mouth] P-personally, I'm a b-bit embarrassed for y-you and D-Dex to see my c-costume. It's a b-bit more r-revealing than w-what I'm used to w-wearing...
Patty: [dryly] What, you can see your ankles...?

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