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[Later, at Trish's apartment, she and Patty start to work on Patty's costume for the renaissance fair. We see the outside of Trish's apartment building.]]
Patty: I didn't expect your apartment to be so... fastidious...
Trish: I-I admit I'm a n-neat f-freak.

[[We see the two women in Trish's sewing room, with a dress dummy against one wall and cabinets and tables around the space. Trish is showing off a bit, smiling happily.]]
Trish: In h-here is my craft r-room, w-where I m-make my costumes. I s-started s-sewing back in high s-school and had so much fun I n-never s-stopped!

[[Trish opens a closet door, revealing many costumes on hangers.]]
Trish: M-most of these are w-women's costumes, but th-this section here are m-men's. Th-they may be a b-bit big on you, but I-I can give them a q-quick hem.

Patty: [suspiciously, holding part of a costume] Any reason you have so MANY men's outfits...?
Trish: [happily] Y-you're not th-the ONLY one here who's d-disguised herself at one of th-these.

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