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[[Patty has put on one of Trish's costumes; a pair of dark trousers and a loose white shirt, with a dark tunic belted tightly at the waist.]]
Patty: [looking down at the costume and thinking to herself] Not bad... Better than the Robin Hood tights I imagined...

Patty: Trish? It soft of fits. It's a bit long, but OK everywhere else.
Trish: [from around the corner, off-panel] G-good! What d-do you th-think of mine?

[[Patty rounds the corner into the room where Trish has put on her costume. Her eyes pop as she sees Trish wearing a long dark corseted gown with white sleeves and a very revealing neckline.]]
Trish: I-I'm a b-bit embarrassed about th-the neckline, but... Is it OK?

Trish: I-I'm w-worried what D-Dex will think...
[[Patty recovers from her shock and grabs a nearby dagger, tucking it into her belt.]]
Patty: [a bit darkly] If he's smart, he'll think about baseball and puppies...

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