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[[Trish, Patty, and Dex have moved further into the renaissance fair, and are greeted by a well-dressed "nobleman".]]
Nobleman: How now, good woman! Brother friar, young lad! How dost thou?
Trish: [curtsying] Th-the better that it p-pleases your good worship to ask.

[[Patty moves close to Trish and whispers to her.]]
Patty: [whispering] What, we're expected to TALK all medieval and stuff too? And without Scott here to translate?
Trish: [whispering back] E-Elizabethan, not m-medieval. And yes! Tr-try to get in c-character!

Dex: [to the nobleman] God give you a good morrow, noble sir, and may his blessings hollow you to even yet.
Nobleman: You bless me too much, kind sir! Pray you save a portion to share anon.

Nobleman: [turning to Patty] Good day, my fine lad! Well met! How now?
Patty: Er, good day... noble... sir. How now... brown... cow.
[[Trish glares sideways at Patty.]]

References: A few samples of Scott's anachronistic speech patterns: (1) (2) (3)
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