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[[Trish, Patty, and Dex stay together as they wander through the renaissance fair. Patty looks behind her and sees a man and woman carrying a camera and wearing current-day cargo shorts, t-shirts, and tank-tops.]]

[[A little further on while Trish and Dex are looking at something that Trish has found or purchased, Patty scowls as she sees a couple of women dressed in shorts and a sundress.]]

Patty: [whispering accusingly to Trish] I thought you said we HAD to come to this thing dressed in ridiculous outfits...
Trish: [whispering back] It's p-part of the f-fun.

Patty: [whispering, pointing at still another couple wearing current clothes and mugging for a snapshot] Then how do you explain THAT?
Dex: By my faith! Mayhap I spy strange visitors form a foreign land! How quaint!

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