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[[At the renaissance fair, Patty and Dex are examining a sword while Trish stands a short way away, talking with a man in a squire's costume.]]
Patty: And there she goes, getting hit upon by yet another cleavage hound...

Patty: That's got to be, what, the seventh guy staring at her chest while she rattles on about nothing.
Dex: I think you're focusing on the wrong thing.

[[Dex puts his arm around Patty's shoulder and motions at Trish, who is smiling and talking animatedly a few feet away.]]
Dex: Ignore the guy for a bit and watch Trish. She's not the timid wallflower we're used to back in the office. This place really opens her up. Even her stutter is practically fading away.

Trish: [scowling] I'll say she's "opened up." If that neckline were any lower...
Dex: [dryly] I was wrong. You're focusing on the wrong PAIR of things.

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