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[[Patty is watching Trish and Dex at the renaissance fair, and doing some serious thinking as she watches. While Dex examines a hand ax Trish is enjoying herself talking to other attendees.]]
Patty: [thinking] Maybe Dex is right... Maybe I should be watching Trish and see how she acts...

[[Patty is standing with her arms crossed, watching Trish as she happily talks with other attendees.]]
Patty: [thinking] Actually, she isn't a half bad actor. She has a natural charm, and Dex is right: When she gets into a "role", her stuttering almost disappears.

Patty: [thinking] Maybe I've been too hard on her, or worse, maybe I've been turning my own insecurities into a needless attack. She's not my enemy... or my competition.

[[Patty turns and looks at Dex, who is currently examining a large mace.]]
Patty: [thinking] Then again, I need to decide whether or not I'M competing for something. The last thing I want is for Jason to be proven right, but...

References: Patty's rocky relationship history: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5); "Competition"; Fooker's analysis of Patty & Dexter's relationship
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