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[[Patty is still watching Trish at the renaissance fair when her thoughts are interrupted by a costumed man.]]
Patty: [thinking] You know... If Trish were actualy on stage, she might be pretty good...
Man: Well met, my fine lad!

Man: [leering a bit] Mayhaps young master seems adventurous. What say ye come with me to yon inn where perhaps I may display to thee my private collection...
Patty: [angrily] Mayhap I shall kick thee in thy pantalooned codpiece...

[[With a startled look the man quickly draws back, raising both hands in front of him.]]
Man: Oh, you're a... I thought... I-I didn't mean... I... I gotta go...

[[Patty is left standing alone with a disgusted look on her face.]]
Patty: [thinking] Wait a minute...

References: Patty's "disguise"
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