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[[Dex finds Patty looking thoughtfully at medieval-styled dresses in a vendor's shop at the renaissance fair.]]
Dex: There you are! And I thought you said you were anti-corset...

Patty: Recent... EVENTS left me thinking. Maybe I've been too hard on Trish... And myself. So I thought I'd get something... just in case I needed to... impress someone.

Dex: [smiling and putting an arm around Patty] If you ask ME, you should focus on simply being yourself. You don't need to impress anyone. Those that already care for you want to see you just as you are.
[[Patty smiles quietly at him.]]

Dex: [grinning and pointing at another dress in the shop] But if you INSIST on getting something, this sexy tavern wench outfit is SURE to get some attention...
[[Patty's quiet smile turns into a glare.]]

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