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[[At the renaissance fair Trish is running over to Patty and Dex. Patty is still glaring at Dex, and Dex is rubbing his arm as if it has just been smacked.]]
Trish: Hey, y-you two! W-we have a l-long d-drive home. Shall we g-get some d-dinner?

Patty: I suppose we won't be the only ones walking into a restaurant dressed like idiots around here, so we might as well...
[[A voice from behind them interrupts.]]
Voice: Patty?

[[They all turn to see Scott dressed in full Elizabethan nobleman costume.]]
Trish: S-Scott? Wh-what a s-surprise...
[[Patty's eyes go wide in surprised recognition, then she collapses to the ground laughing.]]

[[Dex, Trish, and Scott all look down at Patty.]]
Dex: I'll get her to the car before she passes out from hysterics...
Scott: [dryly] Verily...

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