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[[Back at the car, Dex is struggling into the back seat while Trish and Patty talk. Patty is still recovering from her laughing fit.]]
Trish: Y-you s-seem to be f-feeling better..
Patty: [bent over slightly] I am. I... needed that, even if I'm still lightheaded.

Patty: I'm... sorry for how I've acted today... for how I've acted toward you since you first started at GPF. I've been unfair to you, and admittedly somewhat jealous of the attention you've been getting.

Trish: [happily, taking one of Patty's arms in hers] W-well, s-sometimes it's f-fun to pretend to be s-someone else. N-next time, you and I B-BOTH will w-wear s-something out of our c-comfort zones. We'll d-do it together.

[[The two walk toward the car arm-in-arm.]]
Patty: We'll see... IF there's a next time.
[[Behind them an older man in renaissance fair costume watches them leaving, mistaking Patty for a boy and the two of them for a couple. He dabs at his eyes with a handkerchief.]]
Man: [thinking] Ah... Young love...

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