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[[Ki is talking with Becky from Grayson Foods while getting ready to leave for the day.]]
Becky: Thanks again for all your help on this in-sourcing, Ki. You have saved us months of work.
Ki: No problem, Becky.

Becky: [smiling] Of course, your people did a great job designing this shipping interface to begin with. I hope our I.T. guys are up to the task of maintaining it.
Ki: [smiling in response] They're pretty smart. They'll do fine.

[[They've arrived at a cubicle farm inside Grayson Foods.]]
Becky: You're heading back east in a couple weeks, right? I bet you're missing your family..
Ki: [somberly] It's been rough, but we keep in touch. Phone, texts, Skype...

[[Becky stops while Ki continues walking into the cubicle farm.]]
Becky: Do you have any children?
Ki: Just one, but he has more than enough toys to keep himself distracted while I'm gone.

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