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[[Ki is sitting on the bed in her hotel room, looking at the screen of her notebook computer. Next to her notebook are her cell phone and a tablet.]]
Ki: [thinking to herself] That's odd... Nick isn't online. This is the time he usually calls, and I have the time zones right...

[[She picks up her cell phone and sends Nick a text message.]]
Ki: [text message] hey where r u? ur not on 4 our call?
Nega-Nick: [text message, masquerading as "our" Nick] Sorry. Out w/Fooker & Sharon. Lost track of time.

[[Ki leans back on her pillow and smiles.]]
Ki: [text message] ok ur forgiven. but uv been busy all week. didnt forget me did u?
Nega-Nick: [text message] Never. Think these 2 are trying to keep me from missing you.

[[The scene shifts to Nega-Nick, sitting at a table next to Trudy. Trudy looks dejected, staring at several Lakatos brochures and a pad of paper covered with notes.]]
Ki: [text message] hope its not working ;)
Nick: [text message] Not one bit.

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